Tree Services

Professional tree services

If you need a tree removed or pruned, our trained tree surgeons can provide you with a reliable service that will ensure that all work is done safely and effectively. 

Tree Services

If you are looking for professional tree services in Bristol and surrounding areas, contact Redland Tree Services. Our qualified tree surgeons are experienced and knowledgeable and we take care of every aspect of tree surgery to the highest of standards. We are reliable, friendly and honest, with many of our clients from repeat business and recommendations. 

We cover all aspects of tree work throughout Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Weston-super-Mare. We are proud members of the Arboricultural Association.
All work is fully insured and we follow the latest standards in quality, BS3998 – Recommendations for Tree Work. Typical work you might require: 
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tree trimming

Tree Surveys and Reports

We are fully trained and qualified to carry out surveys and reports for the homeowner. This may be to assess a trees health, bat inspections, fungal recognition or trees protected by TPO. We are happy to apply for permissions on your behalf should you wish to use us. We are also able to carry out mortgage and subsidence reports in accordance to BS5837 – Tree in Relation to Construction
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Tree Pruning Services

Tree Crown Reduction
The reduction of the overall size of a trees upper branches to give more space around the tree and increase light levels. Includes deadwooding.

Tree Crown Thinning
Some species of trees become very thick in their appearance. Selected branches including any deadwood are removed to open the crown up. The overall size remains the same. Increases light levels

Tree Crown Lifting
This process involves removing the lower branches to give more room under the tree. This could be to stop branches rubbing on existing structures, allow a line of sight beyond the tree or allow access to the tree for amenity.

Tree Deadwooding Service
Removal of deadwood throughout the crown of a tree for safety reasons. Usually anything over 25mm.
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before and after
tree crown lifting

Tree Removal Services

Tree Felling/ Tree Removal
Trees can either be felled in one or section felled. Section felling involves climbing and dismantling a tree branch by branch. This allows trees in smaller areas to be felled and removed without damaging the surrounding area. If required, lowering equipment is used; over conservatories or buildings for instance.
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tree removal
tree chopping

Our tree services include: 

  • Tree surgery
  • Tree clearance
  • Stump removal
  • Tree pruning 
  • Tree removal
  • Tree planting 
  • Crown lifting 
  • Crown thinning
  • Crown reduction 
  • Tree chipping
  • Tree risk assessments 
  • Tree reports & surveys
  •  Fully Insured
  • Specialist Equipment
  • Qualified Arborist Staff
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Years of Experience
  • Safe Contractor
  • Commercially Verified
For professional tree services, contact Redland Tree Services
Call 07786 743 618 or 01275 398 779
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